A dreamer,
and also a father

Johnny Wen is a talented tailor, dreamer, and proud father of a 3-year-old based in Vancouver. With over 20 years of experience in the tailoring industry, Johnny has honed his skills to create custom-made garments that are both beautiful and comfortable. His passion for tailoring was sparked at the young age of 13, when he was inspired by the beauty of a well-made suit. He threw himself into the trade, starting as an apprentice and gradually becoming a master tailor. As a tailor, Johnny believes that the combination of cutting and sewing skills can bring his customers' dreams to life through truly one-of-a-kind clothing.

Zebra Oasis

We created the R-ring to make shoe recycling easier. The R-ring separates the sole and upper of shoes, allowing each component to be placed in different recycling bins for proper recycling and biodegradation. With 22 billion shoes produced annually, it's crucial to address their impact on the environment. Discarded shoes often end up in landfills or incinerated, causing significant pollution. The R-ring helps individuals reduce this impact by making it easier to recycle their shoes.

3 Years of Failure: Crafting the Perfect Shoes

Making shoes that are both strong and easy to disassemble seemed impossible at first. However, with Jonny's tailoring experience and the help of a dedicated team of engineers, we were able to overcome the challenge. Using sewing thread instead of resin-based adhesives and collecting CO2 from industrial waste gas to make TPU foam soles, we put in countless efforts over the course of three years to perfect the design. Whether it was developing new materials, building new machines, or doing everything by hand, we were determined to achieve our goal of creating a sustainable shoe that was also comfortable to wear.

Rating ZO's First Shoes:
A Personal Experience

We designed ZebraOasis shoes for all-day comfort. They're soft, breathable, and lightweight - perfect for those non-movement moments like sitting at the office or standing in line. They won't bind your feet, and they're easy to maintain too. You can even throw them in the wash or pack them in your luggage. And when the shoes reach the end of their life, the Recycle Ring-Pull makes it easy to recycle. Try on a pair of eco-friendly shoes and feel good knowing you're taking care of both yourself and the planet.